We are providing 
Managed Cyber Security.

We are providing 
Managed Cyber Security.

Cyber Defense Services

Security Operations

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Cyber Defense Services

The security and compliance requirements that IT departments have to meet these days are constantly rising. They have to constantly monitor the latest security threats around the world and be ready to act at a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency – to ensure the cyber security is guaranteed at any time.

Now they have to face new EU data protection and IT security rules, too. Just the basic requirements alone for modern IT security make it almost impossible for companies – especially SMEs – to conquer the challenges they face using their own internal resources.

Security Operations Center

The APIS Solution Security Operations Center (SOC) helps your company achieve comprehensive cyber protection – so your operations are always run with maximum security. To achieve this goal, we rely on qualified, dedicated employees, leading tools and technologies on the market, and optimized processes.

Apis Solution SOC as a Service

Automated analysis

• Automated analysis and detection of attacks
• APIS Solution Cyber Defense analysts and architects
• Cyber defense and incident response processes

Automated analysis and detection of attacks APIS Solution Cyber Defense analysts and architects Cyber defense and incident response processes


SIEM Solution

An SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution is used for the automated analysis and detection of attacks. This solution first collects data from different defined sources. This data is then normalized, analyzed, and correlated. The sources include classic security components as well as applications and these days, cloud services above all. The result is intelligent alerts which are sent to the APIS Solution security analysts.


Global threats analysis

Using threat intelligence and information on threats like malware or hacker groups, our analysts can link customer-specific events with global threats.

The following specific services are included:

• Integration of defined IT systems
• Automated correlation and analysis of data
• Automatic classification of risk using an agreed set of rules
• 1st level analysis and assessment of correlated events
• Subsequent 2nd level analysis including threat intelligence
• Alerts and support for the customer if they are at risk
• Archiving of events and security incidents
• Ongoing adaptation and optimization of the SIEM system
• Tool-based reporting using event and incident history and trends
• Creation of reports to meet compliance requirements (ISO 27001, etc.)


Your Benefits

The aim is to ensure the highest level of security and to create end-to-end transparency. Security thus becomes both a qualifiable and a quantifiable term.

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of security events
    We take over the monitoring of worldwide security events around the clock
  • Improvement of response capabilities against cyber threats
    Effective countermeasures can be taken at any time through rapid identification of current threat situations
  • Automated analysis of information
    With the automated evaluation of information under consideration of the current threat situation, your systems are always up to date
  • Active protection against security threats
    In the event of an attack, Incident Response immediately initiates effective measures to counter security threats
  • Threat alarms and alerts
    Deploy new threat alerts and messages to keep you in control, even in the event of a threat situation
  • Coordination and management of responses
    Rapid coordination and efficient management of accurate responses to cyber threats and incidents
  • Regular provision of service and security reports
    Regular performance and safety reports give you an overview of the current situation at any time
  • Continuous improvement of information security
    Continuous analysis and efficient vulnerability management enables constant optimization of dynamic IT landscapes